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Hinckley Page
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The links above will take you to the public addresses and articles about Gordon B. Hinckley, President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or the church itself.  Please note that www.lds.org has his official conference addresses.

The following are highlights of each interview:


General "Pro" messages Any controversial Material

 General Time article, not interview format

1.  Church vibrant, growing

1.  President Benson was being fed by feeding tube last two years of life

2.  Wright, Quinn, and Anderson excommunicated

3.  SCMC formed

4.  Mormons believe in many Gods, not Trinity

Mike Wallace 60 Minute fluff piece

1.  Word of Wisdom Health laws

2.  Mormons have less stress

3.  Missionaries / growth

1.  Steve Benson:  Mormons pray, pay and obey

2.  Church black policy pre 1978

3.  Leadership men in church shield child abusers

4.  J W Marriott:  Mormon undergarments shield the wearer from physical harm

Interview with G. B. Hinckley

1.  Our greatest challenge is growth


Interview with G. B. Hinckley

1.  Mormons are Christian

2.  Growth

1.  God was not once a man, refuting 150 of Mormon teachings.

2.  Mormon church does not need revelation.  When revelation comes, it is via still small voice

3.  Mormons oppose Same Sex Marriage.  In general, most sociologists and much of the public view the Mormon stance on homosexuals to be homophobic.

4.  The excommunications of six Mormon intellectuals were not important.

PBS fluff piece

1.  Missionary program

2.  Mormons help others

1.  Some Christian evidence that Mormons are not Christian

2.  God was not once a man, refuting 150 years of Mormon teachings

3.  Gail Houston was fired from BYU

Excellent Time Magazine piece - very insightful and well done

1.  For more than a century, the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints suffered because their vision of themselves and the universe was different from those of the people around them.

2.  Welfare program feeds the poor

3.  Church worth $30 billion.  Brings in $5.9 billion in $ annually - $5.2 B in tithing alone.

1.  Polytheistic

2.  The church excommunicated many intellectuals ( Time called it an intellectual purification ).

Interview with G. B. Hinckley

1. Strict moral and health code

2.  Mormon religion demands a lot of its people

3.  "I think this is a great time"

4.  When GBH said he was concerned about our society, he was asked "And the way to correct that is to ban certain things?".  He answered "The way to correct that is to teach. "

1.  "Our doctrine is stable".  This is very interesting since Mormon doctrine, like all church's doctrine, changes over time.

2.  GBH: "I don't know [if God has a wife]".  Again, if true, this reverses 150 years of Mormon teaching.  He then remarks, "As we have a Father I assume we have a mother".  When the reporter asks him a very direct question on it, he backpedals even more and says "Yes we have a mother in heaven."

3.  Revelation is explained: "We pray about it and then comes the whisperings of a still small voice. And we know the direction we should take and we proceed accordingly.  Interviewer: And this is a Revelation?  Gordon B. Hinckley: This is a Revelation.

4.  Blacks and the Priesthood

5.  When asked about women holding the priesthood, he replied "Our women are happy. They’re satisfied. "

6.  "Institutionally the Church speaks out on moral issues. Other than that we draw a strict line of separation of Church and State".  While this is what is said, the reality has historically been quite different.

Larry King interview with G. B. Hinckley

1.  When asked how one becomes the prophet of the church, he shows off his humor and says "You're appointed a member of the counsel of 12 and you out live everybody else."  (LAUGHTER)

2.  When asked about Clinton's Monicagate sex scandal, he remarks "I forgive him of any offenses committed" and "I think that's my responsibility to extend the hand of forgiveness and helpfulness"

3.  " We never speak negatively of other churches"

1.  Polygamy was discussed ( always a bad scene for discussion ).  Hinckley then said between 2% - 5% practiced polygamy.  The real figure is greater than 20% of Mormons were in a polygamous family at its height.

2.  "I condemn it [polygamy], yes, as a practice, because I think it is not doctrinal."

Larry King interview with three church leaders

1.  Tab Choir, Tabernacle, Christmas

2.  All people of all religions can come together

3.  Mormons have forgiven others who persecuted us


G. B. Hinckley speech

1.  11 million strong, build 400 chapels each year

2.  BYU and educational system is strong

3.  Microcredit

4.  Mormons take care of their people

5.  1999 Humanitarian aid = $55.2 million


Larry King short interview after the September 11, 2001 tragedy

1.  Hinckley expresses love and remorse.


Overall Newsweek piece.

1.  Family is forever

2.  When polygamy was renounced in 1890, Mormons started to prosper.

1. Shows differences between Mormons and "standard" Christians.

2.  Blacks and the priesthood

Larry King short interview on Dec 26, 2004

1.  Hinckley talks about new conference center

2.  Church against gay marriage

3.  Presents King with his genealogy





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