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Justin is a good student, and loves track.  He runs the 300 meter intermediate hurdles and the 4 * 400 meters, and dabbles in a few other events occasionally.  He is a good athlete on a very good ( League champion ) track team.

Justin at CCS Qualifier II.jpg (257123 bytes)

Both of his races made it to the Section finals.  He won his 300m IH prelim heat in a PR of 40.30.  Justin was seeded third for the final at about 7:00 pm or so Friday May 29, 2003, but did not finish in the top 3.  It was cool day, with wind.  For a video of his prelim race ( 2 MB ), click here.   For the full picture of the start of  his race ( thumbnail above left ), just click on the picture.  Lori took it, and cropped it.  It is a great picture.

The school 4 * 400 team also made it, with Justin leading off in the prelim, running a solid 3:28.99.  For a video of that race ( 7.5 MB ), click here  Note, the 4 * 400 is run in a three turn stagger.  Justin, when handing off to the 2nd runner, is handing off in first since he has a 4 yard stagger left at the end of his leg.  Justin did not run the 4 * 400 in the section final.

His best times so far this year are:

Event Time Date Comments
300 m IH 40.30
41.8 (split )
May 23
May 16
April 26
March 1
March 27
CCS preliminaries  For a video of his race, click here.
League finals Click here for a video of race
Top 8 meet Los Gatos ( see my actual hand time above at right, taken right after the race ended )
Part of relay race at Hollister co-ed relays ( dirt track )
Dual meet vs Live Oak ( dirt track )
400 m IH  (Note:  the 400m IH is only run occasionally at the beginning of the year ) 58.79
March 15
March 29
First place at West Valley relays ( this is a very large prestigious event )
Stanford Invitational, 4th place CCS
4 * 400 m 3:28.32
April 26
May 23
March 15
March 29
5th place at Top 8 ( Tungate, Elbanhawy, Pratt, Bianchi ) ( his picture leading off the race is below )
1st place in CCS preliminaries ( Tungate, Elbanhawy, Rice, Bianchi ) For a video ( 7.5 MB ), here
2nd place at West Valley Relays ( Elbanhawy, Bianchi, Pratt and Tungate )
Stanford Invitational ( Elbanhawy, Tungate, Pratt, Bianchi )

Note: Hand timed times are given to tenths of seconds, electronic times are given to hundreds of seconds.  School records are given by a red box with bold white letters.

Dates and accomplishments this year are:P4260081.JPG (706316 bytes)

Date Event Result
March 1, 2003 Samuelson Co-ed Relays in Hollister First place 4 * 100 m HH relay 
First place 4 * triple jump relay ( 36' 9" )
2nd place 4 * 300 m LH relay
March 8, 2003 Wildcat Relays at Soquel  First place 4 * 110 m HH relay
First place 4 * 400 m LH relay ( co-ed )
4th place 4 * 400 m relay:  3:38.41
4th place 4 * 200 m relay
March 15, 2003 West Valley Relays at West Valley College and here First place 400 m HH  58.79 
2nd place 4 * 400 m relay:  3:31.66
March 27, 2003 Dual meet at Hollister vs Live Oak First place 330 y IH 42.2
3rd place 110 y HH 16.4
3rd place High Jump ( Justin adds a different event for his fourth event in many dual meets )
March 29, 2003 Stanford Invitational 4th place CCS - Stanford Invitational 400 m IH 59.51 ( view video of race ) ( view complete Stanford results )
4 * 400  3:32.30
April 12, 2003 Carmel Invitation Third place 300 m IH 42.37.  His race was run with 20 - 30 mph winds, gusting to 35.7 mph ( I looked up the online weather observations taken during the meet ), with a driving rain.  The meet was cancelled after the next event.  The conditions were brutal.  Full results of the event.
April 26, 2003 Top 8 at Los Gatos  4th place 300 m IH at Top 8, dropping over a second from his PR.  This is only the second time this year he has run 300 m IH on an all weather track.  He just completed the first week of speed work, and his legs are much fresher, and the turnover is much quicker.  He is now ranked 7th in CCS, 0.14 behind 4th, and he is bearing down on the school record.  The 4 * 400 also lowered their excellent time, with Justin leading off the relay.  His split was excellent, dropping his PR there by almost 2 seconds.  The 4 * 400 ranks 8th in CCS.  For the complete results of the meet, see Top 8 at Los Gatos ( all schools ) or here for Hollister athletes
May 6, 2003 Dual meet at Hollister vs Palma 2nd place to Scott Sierra, 2nd ranked in the Central Coast Section 
May 12, 2003 League trials 1st place for his heat.  For the full league prelim results for all events, go to http://www.dyestatcal.com/results/trk2003/0305CCSLge%2B/030514TCALPre.htm 
May 16, 2003 League finals 2nd place ( 40.31 ) to Scott Sierra, 2nd ranked Central Coast Section.  Justin is ranked 6th in CCS.  The top six are less than 1 second apart.  Click here for the video of the race.   Justin and Scott were neck and neck until the last two hurdles - Scott told me that this is the most he has been pushed all year ( I was one of the timers ).  For full league results for all events, go to  http://www.dyestatcal.com/results/trk2003/0305CCSLge%2B/030517TCALLge.htm  Both the boys and girls won the league title in a landslide.
May 23, 2003 Central Coast Section Preliminaries 1st place ( 40.30 ) in his heat, beating Eric Cheng ( 2nd in heat ) and Scott Sierra ( 3rd in heat ) solidly.  For a video of his race, click here   Justin will be seeded third for the final.  Places 3 - 7 are only 0.29 seconds apart.  We have not seen the lane assignments yet, but Justin should have lane three.  In this prelim race, Justin went over every hurdle before anyone else.  It might be noted that Scott Sierra, who beat Justin in league and in the Hollister dual meet, did not make the CCS final, losing out by 0.02 to Eric Cheng  who came in second in Justin's heat. 

The Hollister 4 * 400 also won their heat, and will be in the final.  Justin ran lead off for that race.  For a video of that race ( 7.5 MB ), click here.  For a still picture of his start, see the thumbnail above.  Lori took a great picture.

The complete team did well, sending both boys relays, 6 individual boys, and 6 individual girls to the CCS finals on Friday May 29, 2003.

For full results of the CCS preliminaries, go to http://www.dyestatcal.com/results/trk2003/0305CCSLge%2B/030524CCSTrials.htm 
May 29, 2003 Central Coast Section Finals  

Articles which mention his name are shown here.  The first one is the academic one.  Following that are the events in most recent order first.

Free Lance:  Wednesday February 19, 2003 - Article can be found at http://www.freelancenews.com/news/newsview.asp?c=14523 

Twenty-two SBC students qualify for National Honor Roll
Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Twenty-two San Benito County high school students have qualified for induction into the 2002-03 National Honor Roll, which recognizes high school students who have achieved exceptional academic success.

Only students with a ‘B’ or better average are eligible.

Students inducted into the honor roll can apply for one of 25 $1,000 Community Contributions Scholarships annually awarded by the Educational Research Center of America to students who have made an exceptional contribution to their communities and/or schools.

For more information, go to www.nationalhonorroll. org.

Local students qualifying for the honor roll are:

San Benito High School - Crystal Achilles, Carolyn Beatty, Nadine Ceja, Andrea Farrell, Hannah Guenther, Jamie Hurtado, Sara Keller, Kaylie Kortsen, Nicholas Kostielney, Lanette Lanning, Carolyn Lobeck, Claudine Morgan,m Jenna Nelson, Raquel Nordness, Tarah Poffenbarger, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Monica Ruiz, Kristen Scorsur, Patrick Smith, Justin Tungate, Violeta Yerena.

Anzar High School - Amanda Chojnacki.


Free Lance:  Monday May 19, 2003 - Article can be found at http://www.freelancenews.com/sports/sportsview.asp?c=59766 

Baler boys hear Bells clanging at CCS track semis

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

By the Free Lance staff

It has been a wonderful week or so for Hollister High boys track and field coach Randy Logue.

Last Monday, Logue was officially hired at athletic director for the school. At Saturday’s Central Coast Section semifinals at San Jose City College, he was witness to the scratches and no-shows by some top Bellarmine Prep sprinters, who cited graduation day functions.

The Bells, three-time defending champs, were the odds-on favorite to win the crown once more when the CCS track and field finals take place this Friday at SJCC.

Not now.

“It’s wide open,” said Logue. “We have a chance to win it, along with Carmel and Los Gatos. Salinas, with its strength in the relays, can win it, too. We’re pumped, that’s for sure. I have a gut feeling there was some internal strife in what happened with Bellarmine. There is more than what was reported.”

Logue feels the Balers can score in eight events with tripler jumper Steve Bianchi - who qualified second at 45-11 1/5 behind a final leap by Paly’s Tolu Wusu - having the best chance to win. Thomas Fernandez also qualified for the Balers in the TJ with a mark of 43-10 3/4.

Logue feels Justin Tungate has a chance to be near the top in the 300-meter hurdles.

Tungate qualified in a heap of runners, clocking 40.30.

“All those guys are within a half second of each other,” said Logue.

Logue also likes Danny Brooks chances in the high jump. Brooks jumped 6-4, tying him with two other jumpers. Fermin Smith of Prospect qualified with the top mark at 6-8. Brooks just missed his first and third attempts at 6-6, according to Logue.

“If Danny can make 6-6 on his first try, he can put pressure on the guy from Prospect,” said Logue. “If he makes 6-4 on his first attempt, he’ll make it to state. Anything can to put the top mark out early.”

Clay Peer qualified in the shot put at 51-7. Nik Kay of Los Gatos was the top qualifier at 56-4.

“Clay can throw better,” said Logue. “Kay is the given favorite, but if Clay can throw in the 53’s, he can take third or even second.”

The Baler boys qualified both relays, with the 4X100 breaking the school record at 43.85. That team consisted of Armando Larez, Bianchi, Willie Sanchez and Brooks. The 4X400 relay qualified by winning Heat 1 at 3:28.99.

“The 4X400 relay has its work cut out for it on Friday,” said Logue. “They were in a slow heat and weren’t pushed. Other teams are running in the 3:22’s.”

The Balers Jonathan Rivera qualified in the 1,600 at 4:29.27.

“Jonathan didn’t look comfortable,” said Logue. “The pace was too fast for him at the beginning. He was in a fast heat.”

Failing to qualify were Johny DiSalvo (16.16) in the 110-meter hurdles; Jesse Rice (51.84) in the 400-meter dash; Larez (11.46) in the 100-meters and in the triple jump at 41-11 3/4; Bianchi, who finished the high jump with a mark of 5-10; Fernandez (20-4) and Lee Osborne (20-8) in the long jump; and Chris Stephens (136-3) in the discus.

Still, Logue feels the Balers have enough horses to pull off the first CCS track and field title in school history.

“It has been a dream of mine,” said Logue. “It is within our reach.”


Not everything went the Baler girls way at Saturday’s CCS semis at SJCC. The 4X400 relay was disqualified for a dubious false start by Amanda Boyd, who runs the first leg.

“She flinched, but it was a borderline call,” said Baler girls track and field coach Jennifer Logue. “They were holding the runners in the blocks a long time, all day long. For 15 minutes after we were disqualified, coaches were coming up to me and telling me they didn’t see anything wrong.”

The 4X100 relay team failed to qualify even though it PR’d by a second at 50.42.

“I didn’t expect the 4X100 to qualify,” said Jennifer. “There were so many fast times out there.”

Jamie O’brian, who had high hopes in the 200-meters, got off to a slow start and finished with a time of 26.13, which was out of the top nine qualifiers by .07.

“That was too bad for Jamie,” said Jennifer. “That surprised me. But, now she can concentrate on the 400 without having to think about the relays or the 200.”

O’brian, despite another slow start, qualified in the 400 at 58.07.

The Balers had one leading qualifier in an event. That was Naomi Ruiz, who dwarfed the competition in the discus with a toss of 133-1. The nearest competitor was Erin Becker of Independence at 122-10.

Kory Case qualified in the 300-meter hurdles with a swift time of 46.66, a season PR.

“She has a chance to place,” said Logue.

Sarah Groman qualified in the high jump with a mark of 5-2, tying her with five other jumpers. Three jumpers went 5-4.

The Balers Stephanie Starritt vaulted 10-6 in the pole vault to qualify in a pack. Kisten Loftin of Aptos and Taylor Franklin of Woodside Priory vaulted 11-6 to lead all qualifiers.

“Stephanie can take second, or even win it,” said Jennifer. “If she goes 11-0, she’ll get to state.”

Hollister sophomore Dani Andrewson, who is enjoying a fine season, qualified in the triple jump at 34-5 1/4.

“I wasn’t expecting that,” said Jennifer.

Ali Schmidt had an outstanding run in the 1,600 meters, but was just outside the top 12 qualifiers in a time of 5:25.95. Schmidt, the first alternate, might be able to run on Friday if a runner drops the event.

Other non-qualifiers for the Balers included Tiffany Davies (5:54.58) in the 1,600 and in the 3,200 (13:03.6); Case (17.62) in the 100-meter hurdles; Teralynn Hill in the 3,200 (13:02); Groman in the long jump (16-6) and in the triple jump (33-11 1/2); Nadine Ceja in the long jump at 14-10 1/2; Jamie Flores in the triple jump (33-6 3/4); and Ruiz in the shot put (33-7).

“I was happy overall,” said Jennifer Logue. “We’re not going to win it, but I think we can take at least fifth.”

Field events commence at 4 p.m. with running events beginning at 6 p.m.


Free Lance:  Monday May 19, 2003 - Article can be found at  http://www.freelancenews.com/sports/sportsview.asp?c=58864 

A Baler sweeper
Monday, May 19, 2003

By John Reid/Sports Editor
Dan Miranda/Photographer
Danny Brooks won the high jump for the Balers at the T-CAL championships Saturday with a leap of 6-4, his personal best for the season.
Jamie O’Brian takes the handoff from Dani Andrewson in the 4-by-100-meter relay. O’Brian won the 200 and 400 meters while Andrewson took the triple jump.
A sweep in the triple jump provided early momentum for Hollister High. Steve Bianchi, center, was first, while Thomas Fernandez, left, was second and Armando Larez third.
SALINAS - The most critical part of a track and field meet is the beginning. A dropped baton, false start, a sweep of an event, or even a second instead of a dope sheet third can propel a team to victory.

The Hollister High boys were the beneficiary of all of the above at Saturday’s Tri-County Athletic League track and field meet at Hartnell College and the Balers took advantage to capture the team title with 174 points. What was projected to be a duel to the death with Salinas really wasn’t. The Cowboys, who defeated the Balers in dual meet by six points, were second at 127 points.

“I thought either we would win big or Salinas would win big,” said Baler head coach Randy Logue. “I knew Wednesday at practice that our kids were ready. Taking second in the 4X100 was a good sign. Sweeping the triple jump gave us momentum. Momentum went our way early and we took it from there.”

“We have no excuses,” said Salinas coach Roger Chagnon. “The Hollister boys stepped up. The two false starts for us were critical and them sweeping the triple jump put pressure on us. Hollister really competed today.”

The top three placers advance to this Saturday’s Central Coast Section semifinals at San Jose City College. The field events start at 10 a.m. with running events at 11 a.m.

The 4X100 relay team of Armando Larez, Willie Sanchez, Chris Pratt and Danny Brooks clocked 43.99 for second place, besting a Palma team which cleaned the Balers’ clock in the dual meet. The time just missed the school record set in 1987 by .02.

“It was all because of the great handoffs,” said Logue. “They ran a great race.”

Minutes later, it was a Baler sweep in the triple jump. Steve Bianchi PR’d at 45-10 3/4 to capture the title, Right behind was Thomas Fernandez (44-7) and Larez (44-3). Larez, who has come on like gangbusters of late, PR’d by three feet.

“I’m in the clouds,” said Larez. “This is unbelievable.”

“Larez has been one of our MVP’s these past few weeks,” said Logue. “He doesn’t get a lot of the ink, but he works hard. To see him having this success is fantastic.”

The triple jump event, alone, was 24 points towards the Balers in the team scoring. The Balers kept it up in the long jump, sweeping that event for 24 more. Make that 26 points as Siljef Tabancay placed fifth at 20-7 1/2. Lee Osborne, who has been battling an injury, won the event with a leap of 21-0 3/4. Bianchi (20-9 1/2) was second, while Fernandez, another late bloomer for the Balers, was third at 20-8 3/4.

The Balers nearly swept the high jump, placing 1-3-4-6. Brooks equaled his PR at 6-4 to win it in dual against Michael Edwards of Salinas, who also cleared 6-4. Brooks, who won on fewer misses, came within a fraction of clearing 6-6 on his second attempt.

“If Brooks can go 6-4 at CCS on his first attempt, that’s as good as gold,” said Logue. “That will get him to state.”

“I’ve been working on my plant foot,” said Brooks, who was second in the league a year ago. “I want to maximize my jump at the lowest part of the bar.”

Bianchi and Fernandez each cleared 6-0, but Bianchi was given the nod for third place. Jonathan Rivera was sixth at 5-8.

Rivera, a junior, won his specialty event, the 1,600, repeating as champ. Rivera outkicked Live Oak’s Jason Alcaraz of Live Oak down the stretch to win with a time of 4:28.59. Rivera added a third in the 800 with a time of 2:01.37. Rivera will concentrate on only the 1,600 at CCS, dropping the 800.

Back to the field events, Clay Peer, on his final toss of the morning, brought home the first place medal in the shot put. Peer, who has been on fire lately, threw 52-6 3/4 to nose out favorite Brian Lopez of Gilroy, who threw 51-6. Peer’s toss was unexpected because he hadn’t thrown well on his first five heaves.

“I felt awkward (today),” said Peer. “I didn’t feel good. It was a big-time throw.”

Justin Tungate raced well in the 300-meter hurdles to take second with a time of 40.31. [ Click here for the video of the race. ]  The Balers’ other second place finish was in the 4X400 relay. The Balers ran a 3:30.23, one of their best marks of the year. The team was comprised of Tamar Elbanhawy, Jesse Rice, Brooks and Bianchi. Rice was filling in for an injured Chris Pratt. Rice had a nice 400-meter race, placing third at 51.42, while Elbanhawy was fourth at 51.68.

“What I liked about us today was that we scored in all 16 events,” said Logue. “That’s what I look at from a coaching standpoint.”

The Cowboys, meanwhile, were stung by false starts by Andy Palacio in the 100 and Jacob Warrick in the 110-hurdles, which meant disqualification for each athlete. The DQ to Palacio was especially disappointing to the fair-sized crowd, who wanted to see the duel between Palacio and Ronnie Drummer of North Salinas. Drummer, one of the 100-meter runners in CCS, easily won the event at 11.01. Palacio’s DQ did open the door for Larez to go to CCS. Larez was third just barely in a time of 11.52, edging out Merben Woo of North Salinas (11.54).

As for the dropped baton, that was by North Salinas in the 4X100. And with Drummer running anchor, it would have been a case of ‘who knows’?

Baler bits: The Baler frosh-soph was second at 107.5 points, just getting clipped by Salinas (115.5). There were three individual champions for the Balers: Ian Whitely won the high jump at 5-6; Mason Dungy vaulted 11-0 for first in the pole vault; and Raul Marta won the 65-meter hurdles in 10.27.

Baler girls

SALINAS - For nearly half the competition at the Tri-County Athletic League girls track and field championships at Hartnell College, Hollister High had its hands full with an upstart Salinas team. The second half, though, was all Balers, who pulled away for 193 points to the Cowboys 143.

Hollister, which was also the dual meet champ, won both relays behind speedburning anchor Jamie O’brian. In the 4X400, Kory Case ran a remarkable third leg, taking the baton about 13 meters behind the leader and almost catching the lead runner at her pass to O’brian. O’brian breezed the rest of the way to complete a 4:09.04, which beat the Salinas contingent by almost two seconds. Amanda Boyd and Abby Ceja ran the first two legs for the Balers.

In the 4X100 meter relay, the team of Boyd, Ceja, Dani Andrewson and O’brian clocked a 51.46. O’brian had two individual firsts, as well. She smoked to a PR in the 400-meters at 57.79, the fastest time for a sophomore in CCS this year and the third time overall in CCS. It was a two second improvement in the event for O’brian. O’brian bettered her mark in the 200-meters, taking that in 25.48.

“I want to make it to state this year,” said O’brian, who will have the ante raised at the CCS semis this Saturday, though she should qualify in both events. “I feel great right now and want to go even lower.”

In the field events, Sarah Groman had an eventful day in her last league meet. Groman took the high jump in 5-2 and the long jump in 16-2 1/2. She was second in the triple jump with a leap of 34-1. As of now, Groman will participate in all three events on Saturday.

“It was amazing for me out here (today),” said Groman.

Meanwhile, Andrewson PR’d mightily to eclipse Groman in the triple. Andrewson went 34-6 1/2, while Jamie Flores completed the TJ sweep for the Balers with a PR of 33-6 1/2. Andrewson’s effort came off the heels of a disappointing high jump where she placed sixth at 4-8. She usually clears 5-0 at most meets.

“I used all that anger in the triple jump,” said Andrewson.

Another big PR was in the discus where Naomi Ruiz went 138-7. Ruiz already owns the best mark in CCS.

“I was throwing into a headwind and I think that helped,” said Ruiz. “I was very pleased. This is my favorite place to throw. The discus really carries here.”

Ruiz added a third in the shot put with a toss of 34-5 3/4.

Stephanie Starritt, as expected, won the pole vault with a vault of 10-6. Starritt is the school record holder at 11-0.

And Case was a bit of surprise in the 300-hurdles, winning that with a season PR of 47.08.

“I started out faster this time,” said Case. “I’ve been training harder, too.”

Case was second in the 110-hurdles at 16.97.

Finally, Ali Schmidt contributed a double for the Balers, winning the 1,600 meter run in 5:35.21 and the 3,200 in 12:37.16. It was fourth straight league title for Schmidt in the 3,200, the first Baler performer to win the same event at the varsity level all four years. Schmidt was fourth in the 800 with a time of 2:32.96. as the Cowboys swept that event. Schmidt will drop the 3,200 at CCS Saturday and may run the 800 for there might be a Salinas runner who’ll drop the event.

“It was an excellent performance by the girls,” said Baler head coach Jennifer Logue. “There were lots of PR’s. Salinas gave us a good meet. But, our girls stepped up.”

bulletBaler bits: The girls junior varsity was third in a tight race, totaling 112 points. Live Oak was first at 144, while Salinas was second at 120. Jamila Saqqa, a freshman, won the 800-meters at 2:42.44. Saqqa was second in the 1,600 at 5:57.64.


Free Lance:  Monday April 29, 2003 - Article can be found at http://www.freelancenews.com/sports/sportsview.asp?c=45314 

Baler girls tie for first at Top 8 Meet
Monday, April 28, 2003

By John Reid/Sports Editor

Hollister High's Naomi Ruiz won the girls discus at the Top 8 Meet Saturday with a throw of 119 feet, 5 inches - far short of her Central Coast Section-best of 133 feet.
LOS GATOS - Riding a first place in the discus from Naomi Ruiz, the Hollister High girls track and field team tied for first place at Saturday’s Top 8 Meet at Los Gatos High.

The Balers and Silver Creek each had 39 points. Although there is no team trophy presented, it was the first time any Hollister team has had at least a share of the Top 8 meet title in the 20-year existence of the meet. The Balers and Raiders broke a three-year girls champion reign by host Los Gatos.

“I was surprised we had won,” said Baler girls coach Jennifer Logue. “There were a lot of top girls from other schools. It shows that we can compete as a team at a higher level. That was good to see.”

Ruiz, the Central Coast Section leader at 133-0, won the discus with a toss of 119-5. That was 4-feet-4 past second place finisher Krisha De La Fuente of Presentation. Two likely challengers to Ruiz at the CCS meet on May 30 - Kalechi Amyanwu (Silver Creek-124-10) and Erin Becker (Independence-120-4) weren’t competing in Los Gatos on Saturday.

“I know there were a couple of good throwers missing tonight,” said Ruiz, whose first place brought 10 points. “If they were here, maybe I would have been forced to throw it farther. I’m happy I won, but I’m disappointed I didn’t throw over 120-0.”

“I really wanted those other girls to be there,” said Logue. “I wanted to see what Naomi could do under more pressure.”

Sarah Groman chipped in 10 points with a second place in the high jump at 5-2 and a fifth in the triple at 34-0 1/4. Groman has a PR of 5-4 and 36-9, respectively. Groman was eighth in the long jump with a leap of 15-4. Dani Andrewson, just a sophomore, was sixth in the triple at 33-0 1/2.

Sophomore Jamie O’brian sparkled in the 400 and 200 meter runs, garnering third places in each event. O’brian PR’d in each event, clocking a 59.77 in the 400 and 25.86 in the 200.

“O’brian showed that she’s a legitimate 400 and 200 runner,” said Logue. “She has a good chance to make it to state in both events, especially the 400.”

Stephanie Starritt bettered her school record in the pole vault with a vault of 11-0. Starritt just missed clearing 11-6 on her third try, which would have given her the win. Starritt, a senior, cleared 11-0 on her first try.

“It felt great to PR,” said Starritt. “I’ve been using different poles because I’m always trying to improve my form. I really want to make it to state. I’ll have to go, at least, 11-0 at CCS to make it.”

The vault by Starritt ties her with the second best mark in CCS this year.

The girls 4X400 relay team - consisting of Kory Case, Abby Ceja, Amanda Boyd and O’brian - was fifth with a time of 4:07.74.

“The Top 8 Meet is usually the meet where the 4X400 steps it up and they did,” said Logue. “And Amanda Boyd missed two weeks due to injury so she’s not quite at full strength. We can run better, but I was very happy with that time.”

The Baler girls were 10th in the 4X100 at 51.21. Andrewson replaced Case in that relay.

Baler boys

Steve Bianchi had a seasonal PR in the triple jump at 44-0 3/4 for fifth place and equaled his PR in the high jump for a tie for second with Julian Eison of Westmoor. Bianchi, competing in the TJ and HJ simultaneously, cleared 6-0 and 6-2 on his first attempts. Thomas Fernandez was ninth in the TJ at 42-0 1/2.

“Steve has been great for us all season,” said Baler boys coach Randy Logue. “As far as consistency goes, he has probably been our No. 1 guy.”

The Balers Danny Brooks cleared 6-0 on his final attempt for seventh. He nearly had 6-2 on his last go-round. The bar wobbled then steadied as if it were going to stay up, but fell off.

Justin Tungate had a tremendous race in the 300-meter hurdles, with a PR of 41.05. Tungate’s time was the third fastest in school history, according to Randy Logue. Tungate looked smooth as silk for the first four hurdles, especially.

“It was hard for me to see the other runners because I was on the outside,” said Tungate, who owns the school record for the 400-hurdles. “It was one of my best races, though.”

Clay Peer PR’d in the shot put with a heave of 47-7, good for fifth place.

“Clay’s been one of our hottest athletes,” said Randy Logue. “He’s coming on at the right time of the season.”

Jonathan Rivera found the competition stiff in the 800 and 1,600, but Rivera managed a PR in the 800 at 2:00.53 for 12th place. Rivera’s 1,600 meter run time of 4:33.65 was good for 10th.

Of the Baler boys’ two relay teams, the 4X400 fared best, placing fifth with a season best of 3:28.32. Comprising that team were Tungate, Tamar Elbanhawy, Chris Pratt and Bianchi. The 4X100 team of Armando Larez, Willie Sanchez, Pratt and Brooks clocked 45-flat for eighth.

The Baler boys and girls host Salinas this Thursday in what Randy Logue dubs, “a pivotal dual meet”.

Note: Saturday’s Pacific Grove Invitational was postponed due to rain and rescheduled for this Saturday



Free Lance:  Tuesday April 22, 2003 - Article can be found at http://www.freelancenews.com/sports/sportsview.asp?c=44613

Balers at Top 8 Meet
Tuesday, April 22, 2003

By the Free Lance staff

Members of the Hollister High track and field team going to the Central Coast Section Top 8 Meet Saturday at Los Gatos High:


Naomi Ruiz (discus, 4:15 p.m., shot put, 7 p.m.)

Stephanie Starritt (pole vault-3 p.m.)

Sarah Groman (high jump, 5:15 p.m., long jump, 4 p.m., triple jump, 4 p.m. [1st alternate])

Jamie O’Brian (200 meters, 7:10 p.m., 400 meters, 5:45 p.m.)

4x100-meter relay (O’Brian, Amanda Boyd, Abby Ceja and Case or Dani Andrewson), 4:30 p.m.

4x400-meter relay (O’Brian, Boyd, Ceja, Case), 8:30 p.m.


Clay Peer (shot put, 5:30 p.m.)

Steve Bianchi (high jump, 6:45 p.m., triple jump, 7 p.m.)

Danny Brooks (high jump, 6:45 p.m.)

Thomas Fernandez (triple jump, 7 p.m.)

Justin Tungate (300-meter hurdles, 7:07 p.m.)

Jonathan Rivera (800 meters, 6:30 p.m., 1,600 meters, 4:55 p.m.)

4x100-meter relay (team TBD), 4:40 p.m.

4x400-meter relay (Tamar Elbanhawy, Chris Pratt, Brooks, Bianchi), 8:20 p.m. [ Note:  Justin is running this instead of Brooks ].


Free Lance:  Monday April 14, 2003 - Article can be found at http://www.freelancenews.com/sports/sportsview.asp?c=38029 

O’Brian, Bianchi, Ruiz complete doubles at Carmel
Monday, April 14, 2003

By the Free Lance staff

Hollister High’s Naomi Ruiz and Jamie O’Brian doubled at the rainy Carmel Classic Saturday, while Steve Bianchi doubled for the Baler boys at Carmel to highlight a strong team performance by both track and field contingents.

The Baler girls were second in the team standings with 56 points, while the Baler boys were third with 50 points. Los Altos won the girls division with 65 points, while host Carmel took the boys (77) with Salinas second with 60.

Ruiz won in the weights, taking the discus at 121-01 and the shot at 34-09. O’brian sizzled in the 400-meters with a time of 60.14 and improved her 200-meter time with a 26.43. It was one of the first times O’Brian has run the 400-meters, which makes her time, the fourth fastest in the Central Coast Section, that more impressive.

Bianchi captured the triple jump with a mark of 41-09, while teammate Thomas Fernandez was second at 41-01. Bianchi added a win in the high jump at 5-10 with Baler Danny Brooks second at the same height. Fernandez placed seventh in the high jump with a leap of 5-6.

The girls high jump was canceled due to dangerous conditions, which eliminated the Balers’ Sarah Groman and Dani Andrewson from scoring points in the team standings. The pole vault was also canceled, which kept the Balers Stephanie Starritt from scoring points, as well. Also canceled was the 4X400 relay for both divisions.

Andrewson, who suffered a pulled quad in the Balers’ meet with Notre Dame on Thursday, responded well Saturday with a 32-02 in the triple jump for third place. Groman’s 31-08 was fifth. Andrewson was 11th in the long jump at 14-10.5.

Clay Peer kept up his fine pace in the shot put, taking second at 45-01.75. Other top finishers were the Baler girls 4X100 relay team, which was second at 52.0. Justin Tungate was third in the 300-meter hurdles at 42.37.

Lee Osborne, who pulled a hamstring on Thursday, ran the 100-meters in 11.79, the 13th best time. Brooks ran an 11.85 for 15th. Osborne entered the long jump and leapt 16-07.5 for 14th. Chris Pratt ran a strong 400-meters, placing seventh in a time of 53.88.

Kory Case was eighth in the 100-meter hurdles with a time of 18.01 and ninth in the 300-meter hurdles at 51.30.

Hollister had some good marks at the Avis Kelley Meet in Gilroy on Saturday. Lee Ann Morales, who has been battling a leg injury, ran a time of 2:35.6 in the 880-yard run. Morales’ time was good enough for first place.

“That’s a great time considering she was running in a driving rain,” said Baler boys coach Randy Logue.

Jessie Grace, a sophomore, was third in the varsity shot put, while Brian Bui won the frosh/soph long jump.

The Balers won’t be conducting formal practices this week due to Easter break. Next up is the Top 8 meet in Los Gatos for the Balers’ elite performers, while the rest go to the Pacific Grove Rotary meet.

“My main focus is Salinas on May 1,” said Logue.

That meet is in Hollister and should be the biggest dual meet of the season for both Baler boys and girls.


Free Lance:  Monday March 31, 2003 - Article can be found at http://www.freelancenews.com/sports/sportsview.asp?c=36245

Tan, rested and ready
By John Reid/Sports Editor

I really didn’t miss much in my week’s vacation.

Let’s see. Just the greatest softball game ever played on Hollister High soil. No, not the 2-0 letdown loss to Gilroy on Wednesday, but last Tuesday’s 11-inning affair with North Salinas which the Balers prevailed 2-1. Hollister (9-3, 2-1) can’t overlook Tuesday’s road contest at Salinas (1-2 T-CAL) as looming Thursday is a home date with Notre Dame. The Balers are in a four-way tie for first with Gilroy, North Salinas and Notre Dame. Twelve grueling Tri-County Athletic League games remain.

And I missed seeing the Baler baseball team rout North Salinas twice. The Balers (10-3, 5-1), who are tied with Live Oak for first place, dwarfed the Vikings 16-6 in five innings on Saturday which followed a 9-2 defeat of the Vikes last Wednesday. Eric Diaz, Jr. enjoyed a big day Saturday, going 4-for-4 with a home run and a double, knocking in four runs. Diaz, Jr. has been tearing the cover off of it and is leading the T-CAL in batting with 14 hits in 20 trips (.700). Junior Anthony Synegal walloped his third home run of the year, while Josh Badillo added a triple. Kelly Kramer was the winning pitcher.

“Our hitting is starting to come around,” said Diaz, Jr. “It was just a matter of time. We expect a good battle (today) against Salinas.”

The Balers host a dangerous Salinas (10-8, 3-3) team today at 3:30 p.m. then travel to the Cowboys’ ranch on Thursday. And in case you’re wondering, the rubber match with the Acorns is in Hollister on April 30. That could have T-CAL title implications.

As for the Baler junior varsity, they barely beat North Salinas on Saturday 17-0 as winning pitcher Anthony Vasquez enjoyed a little bit of run support. Scott Mead was 3-3 with two triples and four RBI, while Karson Klauer was 2-2 with a homer. Other 2-for-2ers were Gabe Gaitan and Kris Bittner. Brian Rossi had a triple, while Cory Ferguson added 3 RBI.

And I didn’t miss the scheduled boys volleyball match with the Acorns last Friday. That match has been changed to April 7 in Hollister. The Balers (3-6, 0-3) are still looking for their first conference win after a 16-14, 4-15, 5-15, 11-15 loss to Seaside at home last Wednesday.

“We’ve had some lapses,” said coach Henke Mao. “We’ve been blocking better, but our defense hasn’t been good.”

After this Saturday’s action at the Alisal Tournament, starting at 8 a.m., the Balers hope to get off the schneid in league at Alisal next Wednesday and at Palma on Friday.

“We’re going to start winning soon,” promised Mao.

And, unfortunately, I’m sorry to report three setbacks to the boys track and field team. The worst appears the health of sprinter/long jumper Lee Osborne. Osborne, who didn’t participate in the Balers dual meet vs. Live Oak last Thursday, is out indefinitely with an irregular heartbeat. He is scheduled for an EKG in the immediate future.

“I’m extremely concerned about Lee’s health,” said Baler boys coach Randy Logue. “He not only could miss the season, but it could affect his whole career. He’s a fine athlete and we wish him the best.”

Two other boys track and field performers, one varsity, one frosh-soph, are out with broken bones. Matt Wynne, the Balers top pole vaulter, broke his hand in a pickup basketball game last week. And Jonathan Araiza, one of the top athletes on the frosh-soph team, broke his hip in the dual meet with Live Oak while running the 100-yard dash.

“We don’t know how it happened,” said Logue regarding Araiza’s injury. “He didn’t fall or anything. We think he was running faster than he has been.”

Meanwhile, many of the top Baler girls and boys tracksters were entered in the Stanford Invitational on Friday and Saturday.

“We didn’t envision placing high in the meet in the team standings,” said Logue. “We mainly send athletes up there to get the feel of performing in a big venue to get them ready for CCS.”

Steve Bianchi fared the best for the Balers, placing fifth in the triple jump with a season PR of 44-1 1/2. Thomas Fernandez, who battled the flu bug recently, was 20th with a leap of 40-5 1/4. Justin Tungate has been running well in the long hurdles. Tungate was 14th in the 400-hurdles with a swift time of 59:51. That was the fourth best time for CCS entrants. [Note:  almost all of the main CCS competitors were at Stanford, but it drew entries from many states, and most of California. ]

Logue was thrilled about the 4X100 relay time of 44.83.

“That was the fastest time we’ve had here since 1995,” said Logue.

That team was comprised of Armando Larez, Willie Sanchez, Bianchi and Chris Pratt. The 4X400 team of Pratt, Bianchi, Tungate and Tamar Elbanhawy clocked a swift 3:32.30 for 19th place. The Balers also had a good time in the 4X800 as Jonathan Rivera, Adrian Perez, Jeff Spencer and Albert Sandoval clocked 8:29.08, good for 16th place.

The best of the Baler girls were Sarah Groman in the high jump and Stephanie Starritt in the pole vault. Groman went 5-2, her best mark of the year for sixth, while Starritt tied for sixth with a vault of 10-0. Groman just missed on two different occasions at 5-4.

Naomi Ruiz tossed the discus 114-6 for eighth place, but it was the third best mark for CCS entrants. Ruiz has a best of 120-0 this season. She also incurred a hyperextended elbow last Thursday, so Saturday’s mark was impressive indeed.

Allison Schmidt led after two laps in the 3,000 meters, but ended up 43rd with a time of 11:36.31. Kory Case was 17th in the 400-meter hurdles with a time of 1:11.67.

The Balers are at Gilroy on Thursday, then head to the King City Relays on Saturday.



Free Lance:  Friday March 28, 2003 - Article not online

A large picture of Justin is above the fold on the first page of the sports section

Justin Tungate sails over the hurdle at the start of the 300-yard intermediate hurdles in Thursday's Tri-County Athletic League track and field meet against LIve Oak.  Tungate won the event in 42.22 seconds and also took thirds in the high jump and 100-meter hurdles as the Hollister High boys blitzed the Acorns 111-25, finishing first in 14 of 16 events and sweeping first through third places in eight events [ including all three that Justin entered ].  The Baler girls had nearly the same margin of victory, defeating Live Oak 103-27 behind 13 first-place finishes and six sweeps.  For complete results, see page B2.

[ As a personal note, many of the events were so easy that some of the athletes did just enough to win, preferring to save themselves for this weekend's Stanford Invitational.  Also, three boys sat out the meet to rest or repair injuries - if they had run, Hollister would have won 14 first-place finishes.   Live Oak, it should be added, is a very large athletically minded school ]


Pinnacle News:  Thursday March 20, 2003 - Article not online.

Track Team Starts Strong

Good Show in Presitious events give hope for season

By John Bagley, Pinnacle staff writer

The San Bennito High track and field team appears to be picking up right where it left off a year ago - as the top team in the Tri County Athletic League.

Over the weekend, the Balers  had impressive showings in both the West Valley Relays in Saratoga and the Don Franklin Invitational in Turlock, finishing in fourth and third place respectfully in the prestigious events.

In the West Valley event, several Balers had strong showings.  

For starters, senior Justin Tungate captured a gold medal in the 400 intermediate hurdles with a time of 58.79, and, in the process, set a San Benito High School record.

"That was a great performance," said San Benito High track and field coach Randy Logue.  "We believe that it should be good enough for him to qualify for the Stanford Invitational."

The Stanford Invitational is a national event that brings together the top track and field athletes from high schools throughout the country.  It is held March 28-29.

In addition to Tungate's strong outing at West Valley, the Balers' four member relay team turned a time of 3:31.66 - good for a second-place finish in the event.  The runners on San Benito's 4 * 400 team were Tamar Elbanhawy, Steve Bianchi, Chris Pratt and Tungate.

In the 1500 meter race, Jonathan Rivera finished with a mark of 4:11.  Steve Bianchi, a state qualifier last year, jumped 43 feet in the triple to finish in second place.

There were 40 schools there ( West Valley )," said Logue.  "What this whole team accomplished was great.  We approach everything as a team and don't cater to elite athletes.  We're proud of everyone who competed."

While several member of the boys' team were turning heads in the event, the Baler girls also had impressive outings last Saturday.  Naomi Ruiz finished in first place in the discus event after tossing it 100 feet.  Ruiz also had a strong showing in the shot put.  

In the pole vault competition, Stephanie Starritt cleared the 10-foot bar for a third-place finish.  Earlier this season, Starritt was able to tie her personal best - a school record - 10 feet, six inches.

While seven of the Balers were completing in Saratoga, the rest of the team was in Turlock for the Don Franklin Invitational.  As a team, the Balers finished third in that 20 team event.

Next Thursday, the Balers will kick off their league season against Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill.

"I think we're the team to beat in league," said Logue.  "I think we've got a good chance to finish in the top four in CCS and take home a trophy.  I don't think, overall, anyone can touch Bellarmine, but this is the best chance we've ever had here."


Freelance:  Monday March 17, 2003 - Article can be found at http://www.freelancenews.com/sports/sportsview.asp?c=34417 

The Baler track and field program sent seven boys and seven girls to the West Valley Relays in Saratoga on Saturday and came away with some outstanding marks.

Senior Justin Tungate won the 400-intermediate meter hurdles with a time of 58.79. Tungate shot out of the gate to lead from start to finish. And the boys 4x400 meter relay team of Tamar Elbanhawy, Steve Bianchi, Chris Pratt and Tungate clocked a rapid early season time of 3:31.66, good for second place behind Bellarmine.

“That surprised me,” said Baler boys coach Randy Logue. “The results for the boys were very positive.”

Bianchi placed second in his specialty, the triple jump, with a mark of 43-0. Jonathan Rivera cooked in the 1,500 meters with a time of 4:11.67.

As a team, the Balers placed fourth with 52.5 points. The Bells, who will be the Balers’ stiffest competition at the Central Coast Section meet in late May, won with a total of 77 points.

The Baler girls had a winner in the discus with Naomi Ruiz tossing the platter 111-0. Stephanie Starritt vaulted 10-0 in the pole vault for third place.

The Balers had athletes at the Don Franklin Invitational in Turlock and did well there, too. The varsity boys took third, while the frosh-soph boys were second. Willie Sanchez enjoyed a big day with a 2nd in the 200, a 3rd in the 100 and a 3rd while running a leg with the 4x100 relay team.

Siljef Tabancay ran well in the 100-hurdles and 300-hurdles and 4x100, plus excelled in the long jump. Clay Peer won the shot and is “having a great year”, according to Logue.

At the frosh-soph level, Albert Sandoval ran a 4:52 1,600 meters, which would have been fourth in the varstiy race. Victor Hernandez contributed a 4:56 in the 1,600.

The Baler girls were led by sophomore Jamie O’Brian, who ran well in the 100 and 200, while Amanda Boyd clocked 63 seconds in the open 400-meters.

The Balers’ first T-CAL dual meet is March 27 vs. Live Oak.


Freelance:  Monday March 10, 2003 - Article can be found at http://www.freelancenews.com/sports/sportsview.asp?c=33537 

Baler boys take first at Wildcat Relays
Monday, March 10, 2003
By the Free Lance staff

Several fine performances propelled the Hollister High boys track and field varsity to first place in the Wildcat Relays in Soquel Saturday. The Baler girls fared well too, taking second.

It was basically a flip-flop with Silver Creek (San Jose), which was second in the boys and first in the girls.

The varsity boys were spurred by fine effort by Justin Tungate and Siljef Tabancay in the 4x110 and the 4x400 hurdles. Tabancay contributed in the long and triple jumps, as well. Chris Pratt ran well in the 4x200, 4x400, sprint medley and had a good pole vault effort.

Jonathan Rivera ran a 2:00 split in the 800 of the sprint medley, a remarkable time for a junior. Thomas Fernandez jumped well in his first meet out from basketball.

The Baler girls had some exceptional marks. Sarah Groman jumped 15-7 in the long jump. Naomi Ruiz tossed the platter 120-4 while Stephanie Starritt hit the 10-6 mark in the pole vault for the second time this season.

Freshman Amanda Boyd continued to excel as she ran well in the sprint medley, 4x400 and 4x200. New addition Kathleen McCullough ran well in the sprint medley. Jamie O’brian sizzled with a 2:32 leg on the 800 of the sprint medley.

Nick Bonnaud and Robbie Brooks excelled in the frosh-soph division for the Balers. Sophomore Josh Vasquez clocked a 10:26 in the 3,200.

All CCS qualifiers from last year will participate in the West Valley relays at West Valley College Saturday. The rest of the Balers are entered in the Don Franklin Invitational in Turlock Saturday.


Freelance:  Monday March 3, 2003 - Article can be found at http://www.freelancenews.com/sports/sportsview.asp?c=32566 

Balers take Samuelson Relays
Monday, March 03, 2003
By the Free Lance staff

Hollister High totaled 131 points to capture the 10-team Samuelson Co-Ed Relays Saturday at Andy Hardin Field.

The 10-team field was the biggest ever, according to Baler boys track and field coach Randy Logue. North County was second with 85 points.

The Baler frosh-soph were also overall champs with 118.5 points.

Jonathan Rivera anchored the 4-by-880-yard relay with a swift time of 2:02. Rivera ran the commando run leg under six minutes.

Chris Stephens, Clay Peer and Juan Rodriguez performed well in the weights and also won the weightman’s relay. Jesse Rice looked good in the 4-by-220 and 4-by-440, Logue said.

Victor Hernandez, a frosh-soph runner, placed in an odd mix of events - the 4-by-110, 4-X commando run and the 4-by-400 relay. In the hurdles, Siljef Tabancay and Justin Tungate performed well, according to Logue.

The Balers are at the Soquel Relays Saturday.


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