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Many of these are at Marc Schindler's excellent web site contained at http://www.members.shaw.ca/mschindler/A/science.htm   I sadly announce that Marc passed away on October 20, 2003.  His passing is very sad - he will be missed.  He was a giant in all things intellectual, and was a personal friend.  I do not know if his pages will be maintained.




LDS Links

Mormonism as a Friendly Environment for Science (David H. Bailey, Dialogue (1986)

"Mormonism and the New Creationism" (David H. Bailey, 07/04/01)

Did Ezra Taft Benson Moderate His Views?

Link to Zoology 475 (Evolution) at  Brigham Young University

BYU Zoology 338 (Duane Jefferey)

The Fossil Record: Question in The Ensign, Answered by Dr. Morris S. Peterson, Prof. of Geology, BYU (1987)

Encyclopedia of Mormonism: Science and Religion

Bertrand F. Harrison on the Origin of Species

Henry Eyring: The Age of the Earth

Henry Eyring: Science Enhances Religion

Henry Eyring: Science and Religion

Henry Eyring on the Origin of Man

National Academy of Sciences Biography of Henry Eyring

David O. McKay on Evolution as God's Method of Creation

David O. McKay's Comment About Evolution

Elder Russell M. Nelson on the Purpose of Creation

"Eppur si riconciliano" What is the Difference Between Science and Religion?

An Email Exchange on Science and Religion (between a concerned mother and Marc Schindler -- 2000)

How the Temple Presents Creation [Marc Schindler's personal experience]

Elder Talmage's Defence of Science in General and Evolution in Particular

Science and Non-Science, an excellent examination of science and religion on the Why Prophets? site, by Chris Tolworthy et. al.

Dr. Michael Whiting: BYU Evolution Curriculum

John A. Widtsoe on the Literal Nature of Noah's Flood

Brigham Young: Education in Religion and Science

Selected LDS Quotes on Evolution

Review of Heaven and Earth: Reconciling Scientific Thought with LDS Theology

What about Man: His Origin and Destiny and Similar Writings by Some of the Brethren?

Who Cares Most About Science? You Might Be Surprised


Note:  There are literally thousands of sites and articles dealing with evolution and creationism.  It is not my intent to dwell on either side of this issue, but simply to give you a flavor of what you can find on both sides.


Non-LDS Links

Neutral-Evolution sites http://www.talkorigins.org is a wonderful site filled with great material on the topic.

http://www.law.umkc.edu/faculty/projects/ftrials/conlaw/evolution.htm - this site explores the first amendment implications of the fight against evolution.  

Sites Generally Supporting Evolutionary Theory: BBC's Evolution Website
Scientific American, "15 Answers to Creationist Nonsense" 
Evolution Entrance (UC_Berkeley)
Darwin's Evidence for Evolution
Origin of Life
Introduction to Evolutionary Biology
Creation/Evolution Bibliography Database
Creation "Science" Debunked
National Center for Science Education
Pro-Creationism Sites: Center for Scientific Creation
Creation Science
Creation Research Society
Access Research Network
Discovery Institute
Creation-Evolution Encyclopedia
Answers in Genesis, Response to Sci Am's "15 Answers"
Other Materials Tennessee vs. Scopes (1927)
Genesis, Chapter 1
Tennessee's Anti-Evolution Statute
Account of the Scopes Trial
Scopes Trial Transcript
Biology Book Used by Scopes
Images of the Scopes Trial
CNN.com Chat on Scopes Trial (7/12/2000)
Nation Article on the Kansas Controversy (1999)
N.Y. Times Article on Intelligent Design Theory (2001)
Creationism in 2001: State by State Report
Notes on Intelligent Design in the Public Schools (2001)

Review of When Science Meets Religion: Enemies Strangers or Partners? (Ian Barbour)

"Creationism" A Fundamentalist Protestant Doctrine not Worthy of Consideration by LDS Schools: Wall Street Journal online: "Houses of worship," 24/05/02

Arguments Against Consilience

Review of The Blind Watchmaker (Richard Dawkins) - Note:  I am not a Dawkins fan

Galileo 1

Galileo on Literalist Biblicism

Review of Chaos -- the Making of a New Science (James Gleick)

Gould 1 Stephen Jay Gould on non-Overlapping Magisteria - science is in one realm, religion in another.  They should not overlap

Stephen Jay Gould on the Pseudo-Science of "Creationism": "Genesis vs. Geology" (Atlantic Monthly, 09/1982)

Gould 3

Review of Rocks of A ges by Stephen Jay Gould

The Intelligent Design Movement

Intelligent Design site -- one of the better ones (http://www.origins.org/)

A.2.15.1           William Lane Craig, “The Existence of God and the Beginning of the Universe.”

A.2.15.2           Walter L. Bradley: "The Designed 'Just So' Universe"

Intelligent Design: a Report from  Ohio

Review of The Ends of Our Exploring: Ethical and Scientific Journals to Remote Places (Hooley McLaughlin)

Review of Kenneth Miller's Finding  Darwin 's God - this is the best book on the topic of religion and science.  Miller is very religious, and is a good scientist

Religion 1

How Evolution Became a Religion [an alternative view]

Review of Wrinkles in Time (George Smoot)

Stephen Wolfram's A New Kind of Science



Personal Letter about evolution

Brief History of Evolution as Taught by the LDS church 

Official Positions of the LDS church
   Current First Presidency Position on Evolution
   Encyclopedia of Mormonism entry on Evolution
   1931 Statement of the First Presidency
   1925 First Presidency Statement on Evolution

1910 First Presidency Statement on Evolution
   1909 First Presidency Statement on Evolution

GA statements
   Earth is 2.55 Billion years old ( WW Phelps, Joseph Smith? )
Apostle Stephen L. Richards - An Open Letter to College Students
President McKay disses Man His Origin and Destiny
   Selected Quotes

Death Before Adam by BYU Professor Steven Jones

Evolutionary Biology - a primer

Mormons and Evolution by David H. Bailey  

More Material:  http://eyring.hplx.net/Eyring/faq/evolution/

And even more material:  More and more





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