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Dover ID Trial
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Trial Chronology and Transcripts

The trial began on September 26 at 9 am (ET) in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania before the Honorable Judge John E. Jones III.

Transcripts by week: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, Week 5, Week 6

Week 1:
Trial Day Date Morning Afternoon
Day 1 Monday, 9/26/2005
Transcript Day 1 AM (174k PDF)

Plaintiffs opening
Defense opening
Ken Miller direct examination
Transcript Day 1 PM (222k PDF)
Ken Miller direct testimony
Ken Miller cross
Day 2 Tuesday, 9/27/2005
Transcript Day 2 AM (188 k PDF)

Ken Miller cross, continued
Plaintiff Tammy Kitzmiller direct
Plaintiff Tammy Kitzmiller cross
Transcript Day 2 PM (233k PDF)

Aralene “Barrie” Callahan cross
Bryan Rehm direct
Chambers hearing concerning reporters
Bryan Rehm continued
Bryan Rehm cross
Bryan Rehm redirect
Day 3 Wednesday, 9/28/2005
Transcript Day 3 AM (157k PDF)

Robert Pennock direct & cross


Transcript Day 3 PM (224k PDF)

Chambers hearing concerning reporters
Julie Smith direct
Julie Smith cross
Christy Rehm direct
Christy Rehm cross
Beth Eveland direct
Beth Eveland cross
Day 4 Thursday, 9/29/2005
Transcript Day 4 AM (116k PDF)


Carol Brown


Transcript Day 4 PM (312k PDF)

Carol Brown cross
Carol Brown redirect
Carol Brown recross
Jeffrey Brown direct
Jeffrey Brown cross
Jeffrey Brown redirect
Frederick Callahan direct
Frederick Callahan cross
Day 5 Friday, 9/30/2005 (No morning session)
Transcript Day 5 PM (202k PDF)
Jack Haught direct
Jack Haught cross

Week 2:
Trial Day Date Morning Afternoon
Day 6 Wednesday, 10/05/2005
Transcript Day 6 AM (174k PDF)
Barbara Forrest direct voir dire
Barbara Forrest cross on voir dire
Barbara Forrest redirect on voir dire
Barbara Forrest direct testimony
Transcript Day 6 PM (276k PDF)

Barbara Forrest direct (continued)
Barbara Forrest cross
Day 7 Thursday, 10/06/2005
Transcript Day 7 AM (341k PDF)

Barbara Forrest cross (continued)
Barbara Forrest redirect
Barbara Forrest recross
Jennifer Miller direct
Transcript Day 7 PM (187k PDF)

Jennifer Miller cross
Jennifer Miller redirect
Jennifer Miller recross
Bertha Spahr direct

Week 3:
Trial Day Date Morning Afternoon
Day 8 Wednesday, 10/12/2005
Transcript Day 8 AM (173k PDF)

Barbara Spahr (continued)
Brian Alters direct
Transcript Day 8 PM (325k PDF)

Brian Alters cross
Brian Alters redirect
Brian Alters recross
Cynthia Sneath direct
Cynthia Sneath cross
Steven Stough direct
Day 9 Friday, 10/14/2005
Transcript Day 9 AM (288k PDF)

Steven Stough cross
Kevin Padian direct
Transcript Day 9 PM (187k PDF)

Kevin Padian direct
Kevin Padian cross
Joel Leib direct & cross

Week 4:
Trial Day Date Morning Afternoon
Day 10 Monday, 10/17/2005
Transcript Day 10 AM (245k PDF)
Start of defense case
Michael Behe direct
Transcript Day 10 PM (149k PDF)

Michael Behe direct (continued)
Day 11 Tuesday, 10/18/2005
Transcript Day 11 AM (259k PDF)

Michael Behe direct (continued)
Transcript Day 11 PM (188k PDF)

Michael Behe direct (continued)
Michael Behe cross
Day 12 Wednesday, 10/19/2005
Transcript Day 12 AM (233k PDF)

Chambers discussion of future edition of Pandas
Michael Behe cross (continued)


Transcript Day 12 PM (133k PDF)

Michael Behe cross (continued)
Michael Behe redirect
Michael Behe recross
Day 13 Thursday, 10/20/2005 (No morning session)
Transcript Day 13 PM (217k PDF)

Richard Nilsen direct
Day 14 Friday, 10/21/2005
Transcript Day 14 AM (252k PDF)

Richard Nilsen cross
Transcript Day 14 PM (208k PDF)

Richard Nilsen redirect
Richard Nilsen recross
Michael Baksa direct

Week 5:
Trial Day Date Morning Afternoon
Day 15 Monday, 10/24/2005
Transcript Day 15 AM (274k PDF)

Stephen Fuller direct
Transcript Day 15 PM (234k PDF)

Stephen Fuller cross
Stephen Fuller redirect
Stephen Fuller recross
Day 16 Tuesday, 10/27/2005
Transcript Day 16 AM (164k PDF)

William Buckingham direct as on cross (hostile witness for plaintiffs)
Transcript Day 16 PM (186k PDF)

William Buckingham direct as on cross
William Buckingham cross
Heidi Bernhard-Bubb direct
Day 17 Friday, 10/28/2005
Transcript Day 17 AM & PM (367k PDF)

Heidi Bernhard-Bubb cross
Heidi Bernhard-Bubb redirect
Joseph S. Maldonado direct
Joseph S. Maldonado cross
Transcript Day 17 AM & PM (same PDF as morning)

Heather Geesey direct
Heather Geesey cross
Michael Baksa direct (continued)

Week 6:
Trial Day Date Morning Afternoon
Day 18 Monday, 10/31/2005
Transcript Day 18 AM (167 k PDF)

Alan Bonsell direct
Transcript Day 18 PM (198k PDF)

Alan Bonsell cross-examination
Alan Bonsell examination by the court
Day 19 Wednesday, 11/02/2005
Transcript Day 19 AM (309k PDF)

Alan Bonsell redirect
Alan Bonsell recross
Sheila Harkins direct
Sheila Harkins cross
Transcript Day 19 PM (280k PDF)

Michael Baksa direct (continued)
Michael Baksa cross
Day 20 Thursday, 11/03/2005
Transcript Day 20 AM (140k PDF)

Michael Baksa cross (continued)
Robert Linker
Transcript Day 20 PM (190k PDF)

Scott Minnich direct
Scott Minnich cross
Day 21 Friday, 11/04/2005
Transcript Day 21 AM (298k PDF)

Scott Minnich cross (continued)
Transcript Day 21 PM (228k PDF)

Arguments on evidence admissability
Plaintiffs closing arguments
Defense closing arguments
Remarks from the judge





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