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  1. Book of Commandments 1833
  2. Comparing the 1833 Book of Commandments and the 1835 Doctrine & Covenants
  3. Lectures on Faith by Joseph Smith Jr.  circa, 1835

  4. Book of Mormon 1830 - Current Verses Noted

  5. Introduction to 3,913 Changes in the Book of Mormon Introduction covers the changes made to the Book of Mormon after its first printing. The book 3,913 Changes in the Book of Mormon is a reproduction of an original Book of Mormon with the changes marked.  Includes Major Changes Between the 1920 and 1981 Editions of the Book of Mormon.

  6. David Whitmer An Address to all Believers in the Book of Mormon April 1, 1887

  7. David Whitmer An Address to all Believers in Christ 1887

  8. Journal of Discourses

  9. Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith by Joseph Smith

  10. King Follett Discourse  April 1844

  11. Latter-Day Revelations not in Current LDS "Canonized" Scriptures

  12. THE LIFE OF JOHN TAYLOR B. H. Roberts Salt Lake City: George Q. Cannon & Sons, 1892

  13. THE MISSOURI PERSECUTIONS B. H. Roberts Salt Lake City: George Q. Cannon and Sons, 1900


  15. THE RISE AND FALL OF NAUVOO B. H. Roberts Salt Lake City: Deseret News, 1900 Sequel to the Missouri Persecutions

  16. Blood Atonement & The Origin of Plural Marriage A Discussion Joseph F. Smith Jr. & Richard C. Evans

  17. Mountain Meadows Massacre Josiah F. Gibbs 1910  

  18. Mormonism Unveiled The Confessions of John D. Lee.  John D. Lee 1880.  Part  1            Part 2.  This can also be found at Mormonism Unveiled

  19. The Seer ORSON PRATT 1852   Part 1            Part 2

  20. View of the Hebrews: or The Tribes Of Israel In America. 1825

  21. A History of Illinois by Governor Thomas Ford

  22. Life In Utah. by J.H. Beadle

  23. Wife No. 19 by Ann Eliza Young 1876

  24. Following the Brethren Speeches by Mormon Apostles Ezra Taft Benson and Bruce R. McConkie

  25. Brigham's Destroying Angel Bill Hickman 1904

  27. Brigham Young's Adam-God Sermon
  28. Other documents, reviews, and quotations relating to Brigham Young's Adam-God Theory.



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