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Oliver Huntington
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History of the Life of Oliver B. Huntington
[Note: Typescript copies are available at various Utah and Western libraries.]

History of the Life of Oliver B. Huntington, p.40

During all this time Norman Buell was in Clay County saying good Lord and kind devil, for a time; but the time finally came that he must choose a side, so he chose the master that would give him the most money then, and in whose hands he thought he would be the safest. He even got to the pitch that he would not let his wife say a word in faanner of evil of them himself. He was once an elder in The Church of Jesus Christ. Families were moving out of the state all winter, and the same teams returning to bring others, and by the time grass was good, great share of the Church was in Quincy on the east side of the Mississippi River. Thus everything was hurried and pushed on and every string drawn, for the work of the Lord could not lay still and the Saints were destined to be hurried from place to place, and from one sieve to another until they be fully prepared as a bride, for the reception of the groom. One day I saw a crowd around a wagon not far from our house, so I ran up to see what was going on; I climbed up and stuck my head over the edge of the box and the first thing my eyes met was the familiar face of Gideon Carter, and although the cursed, worse than inhuman mob, had dug his eyes out with sticks he still looked like himself. Gideon was killed in the Croocked [Crooked] River Battle, had a ball hole in his breast and a large gash of a sword in the back side of his head. He lay on the battle ground until the next day or two when the mob came and buried their own dead, dug his eyes out and kicked the dirt over him where he had laid until now, the brethren not daring to go that far from home or for some other cause I know not what.

Although we gained the day and the ground in that affair, yet he was left on the ground, from the cause of its being strict orders not to touch a dead man at all hazards; so they hurried from the ground an did not miss him until a day or two after, when it was not known exactly where he was; and when he was found he was just as I saw him; in his every-day clothes, and smelled very bad.


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