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William Seely
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Seely, William 

Mormon Redress Petitions, p.532-533

Affidavit of William Seely of Scott County Illinois, taken Jan 20th 1838 1840, in relation to the persecutions Sustained by the Mormons or Latter day Saints, in the State of Missouri A.D. 1838,

State of Illinois Scott County S.S.

William Seely of Scott County Illinois, of lawful age, says on oath; that in the Last of March A.D. 1838 he moved with his family to the State of Missouri, and Stopped in Davis County in Said State of Missouri, that in Said County he purchased a pre-Emption right to a tract of Congress Land for which he paid $200.00 and that he accumulated there personal property and interest in Crops property in value 250.$ making his property four Hundred and fifty Dollars in value, in the use of which this affiant was using his Endevors to become a resident Citizen of Said Davis County in good faith and due Submission to the Laws of the Said State of Illinois Missouri. And this affiant further says, that on the 28 10th day of October A.D. 1838, he was Surprised in the quiet and peaceable possession of the premises he occupied in Said Davis County by an armed mob Composed mostly and as he believes wholly of resident Citizens of Said State of Missouri and Compelled to relinquish all his said property to the plunderers, and make the best of his Escape to Caldwell County in Said State of Missouri with his family. This affiant further Says that on or about day of 24th October he went to Bunkham's Strip a distance of about twelve miles from his Stopping place in Caldwell County, to See one Mr. Pinkham on business; while there he was Surprised & made prisoner by Some armed men. he was Stripped and Searched to see if he had any arms, by which he lost a Jack-knife the only weapon, offensive or defensive which he had about him; the armed men he believes were fifteen in number, two of whom Caught him by the Collar, thrust him out of doors, dragged him over a pannel of fence so vehemently as to do him bodily injury while at the same time a third one facilitated my his Course by the application of his foot to the rear of my his body—When over he was asked if he was a mormon, for to which he replied that he was; this affient further says that he was threatend by his Captors, that "he would never see home [p.533] again." &c. he was then Compelled to march, and asked where they were taking him? they Said to the rest of their Company. Who, he asked was their Captain? they Said, "Bogart." Affiant arrived in Camp with his Captors and found them about Seventy Strong. Question then arose What Shall we do with the prisoner, many Said at once, "put him to death." Especially was this the Cry of the volunteers who joined Bogart's Company, many of whom were men not Liable to duty by Law but who volunteered to give a martial Covering to the bloody deeds which they sought to perpetrate.

on his arrival at Camp St Cook of Bogarts Company asked who they had got? The Captors Said, "a damned mormon!" Where did you Catch him asked Cook? down to old Pinkhams was the reply of his captors and we'll blow his damned old brains out if he dont leave here before tomorrow morning. Affiant further says next morning after his Capture at daylight, his mormon friends Came down to his rescue, having heard of his Capture. When they approached they were fired upon by Bogart's Company and one man fell. this affiant was then placed on an [——] in front of Bogart's Company So as to be Exposed to the fire of both sides, about 12 feet from Bogarts line. At the word "fire" by Bogart this affiant attempted to Escape but was Shot in the left Shoulder by some one of Bogarts men, which prostrated him to the Earth, and he was supposed to be dead, but his friends took him and Carried him to his place his family, where after four months tedious Confinement he in a measure recoverd of his wounds; when in obedience to the Command of the Executive Gov. Boggs, issued from head Quarters, ordering all Mormons to leave the State, in the month of October 1838, I he left for Illinois in a State of Extreme destitution, deprived of all his property and suffering much from his wound which though measurably restored was yet verey troublesome. This affiant further says that one of his Captors who Considered him so dangerous a man as to justify him in robbing me him and taking my his life, told me him he would give me him forty acres of Land if I would go with him and renounce my his religion, all of which this affiant verifies with his Signature and oath, and further this affiant Says nothing.

Wm Seely


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