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Times and Seasons, Vol.5, No.9, p.516

Similar outrages were again inflicted upon us in Clay county as was in Jackson county, and the people were again driven and went into Caldwell and Davis counties where lands were again purchased by us of General Government. After remaining about two years in Caldwell and Davis counties, and having by dint of labor raised large crops of grain and other produce, which were ready for harvest we were followed by the same relentless spirit, and by the hands of the same persecutors, who were among the first to form a company of marauders in Jackson county. The same unhallowed principles were put in operation as was first started in Jackson county: and for the purpose of creating a shadow of a pretext to justify themselves in the eyes of the public, they even went so far as to set fire to their own buildings, and then reported that the Mormons had done it; by which means we were driven into exile in a strange land, though one (to its honor be it remembered,) where we found a friendly home. Duringhose scenes of cruelty, our entreaties and petitions were continually made to the authorities of Missouri, for protection and redress. In the name of American citizens, we appealed to their patriotism, their justice, their humanity and to their sacred honor; but they were deaf to our cries and heeded not our petitions. All attempts at pe unheeded and fruitless. And furthermore, your memorialist has to tell your honorable body that since we have resided in the State of Illinois, the same foul means has been resorted to by the State of Missouri, as was practiced in Jackson and Caldwell counties. In order to prevent their base and unjust proceedings coming to light before an injured public, they are wrongfully accusing our citizens, and kidnapping others and dragging them into Missouri, and there, after whipping and insulting them, have cast them into prison and left them to get out as they could. All this without even the form of a trial. Three several warrants have been sent by the governor of Missouri, to the governor of Illinois, demanding the body of Joseph Smith, all of which has been set aside by the legal authorities of Illinois. These warrants were based upon the pretext (though false.) that Joseph Smith was accessary to the shooting of L. W. Boggs. Would it not be well for Missouri to strike at the root of the matter, and first deal out justice to some of the murderers of the saints. Here I have to tell your honorable body that the before mentioned Bogard, a Methodist preacher, who was one of the leading men in the mob, has since murdered one of their own clan, and to escape the hand of justice has fled to Texas. Therefore it would not be unreasonable to suppose that governor Boggs was shot by one of the same class of fiendish villains, who yet remain in their midst. 

Times and Seasons, Vol.5, No.9, p.519
Russell, Mass., March 5, 1844.


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